Contributing to Flexx

If you like Flexx and want to help out, there’s a few things you can do. First off, feedback; it’s very useful to hear what you like and what you struggle with. Feel free to use the Github issue tracker for this.

You can help by contributing to the documentation, and/or by creating nice examples.

If you would like to help out with the codebase itself, e.g. by fixing bugs, making improvements, or submitting new types of widgets, you probably need to a few extra libraries (don’t worry, it’s ‘nothing fancy):

  • pytest and pytest-cov (get them via conda or pip)
  • flake8 (get it via conda or pip)
  • Nodejs
  • Firefox

We follow the Github workflow:

  • You fork the Github repo and make a clone to your local computer.
  • You update to the latest version: git checkout master && git pull
  • You make a new branch: git checkout -b mywork
  • You make changes to the code and commit these: git commit
  • You push to your fork git push
  • Create a Pull Request from the Github interface.