Free positioning (absolute or relative) of child widgets. Example:

from flexx import app, ui

class Example(ui.Widget):

    def init(self):

        with ui.PinboardLayout():
            self.b1 = ui.Button(text='Stuck at (20, 20)',
                                style='left:20px; top:20px;')
            self.b2 = ui.Button(text='Dynamic at (30%, 30%)',
                                style='left:30%; top:30%; height:100px;')
            self.b3 = ui.Button(text='Dynamic at (50%, 70%)',
                                style='left:50%; top:70%;')
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class flexx.ui.PinboardLayout(*init_args, **kwargs)

Inherits from: Layout

Unconstrained absolute and relative positioning of child widgets.

This simply places child widgets using CSS “position: absolute”. Use CSS “left” and “top” to position the widget (using a “px” or “%” suffix). Optionally “width”, “height”, “right” and “bottom” can also be used.

The node of this widget is a <div>.


alias of PinboardLayout