Visually group a collection of input widgets. Example:

from flexx import app, event, ui

class Example(ui.GroupWidget):
    def init(self):
        self.set_title('A silly panel')
        with ui.VBox():
            self.progress = ui.ProgressBar(min=0, max=9,
                                           text='Clicked {value} times')
            self.but = ui.Button(text='click me')

    def _button_pressed(self, *events):
        self.progress.set_value(self.progress.value + 1)
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class flexx.ui.GroupWidget(*init_args, **kwargs)

Inherits from: Widget

Widget to collect widgets in a named group. It does not provide a layout. This is similar to a QGroupBox or an HTML fieldset.

The node of this widget is a <fieldset>.


alias of GroupWidget