Layout a series of (input) widgets in a form. Example:

from flexx import ui

class Example(ui.Widget):
    def init(self):
        with ui.FormLayout():
            self.b1 = ui.LineEdit(title='Name:')
            self.b2 = ui.LineEdit(title="Age:")
            self.b3 = ui.LineEdit(title="Favorite color:")
            ui.Widget(flex=1)  # Spacing
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Also see examples:

class flexx.ui.FormLayout(*init_args, **kwargs)

Inherits from: Layout

A layout widget that vertically alligns its child widgets in a form. A label is placed to the left of each widget (based on the widget’s title).

The node of this widget is a <div>, which lays out it’s child widgets and their labels using CSS grid.


alias of FormLayout